Aleksandr Heifets

Born in Russia, raised in the U.S. and based in Estonia, Aleksandr Heifets works as a director, editor and cinematographer. After 15 years of documentary, TV, commercial and new media production experience ranging from MTV “True Life” series in New York to anti-corruption TV ads in Tajikistan, Aleksandr moved to Tartu and established Taiga Film in 2013. Taiga specializes in the production of social documentaries and provocative web clips, with a personal vision for shooting with expression and an emphasis on the story. Frequent creative collaborators include director Jaak Kilmi (Pimik), cinematographer Taavi Arus (Zbanski Kino), producer Eero Talvistu (Exitfilm), sound artist Patrick McGinley (Sonoport), director Madis Ligema (Davai Laama) and other audio-visual artists with shared values, sensibilities and sense of humor.